Hello dear visitors!

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Latvian Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF. Time accelerates the course of events and we are already accustomed to the frantic pace of change that is dictated to us by life itself.  Someone runs after her after that-that is running, and can not stop, someone contemplating runnings and fallings, resenting the way things how all is bad. And someone just being alone, enjoying life itself, and it is he usually this helps :).
Which is better? Catch in the bush, or hold on tits that fell into the hands? I would not rush to answer .... :).

Someone already happy with the process of running around, and someone is focused on the end result and would be delighted, only when he finds what he sought. And in general, then, no matter what we do and how we do it, which is why there will always be a winner who just gets pleasure from their activities, whether it is a process for the process or the process for the result.

By studying Taekwon-I realized how much genius was his creator, and how much useful and versatile, this system and for those looking for adventure and glory in the battles of big victories, and for those who are interested in a quiet process improvement and its presence in the hall ...

The meaning of life can be found anywhere, anytime, and in everything, but I'm sure that eventually all of it will be brought under one denominator, and will be the same - the harmony of body and soul through love is not earthly, and Universal. And it is not taken from the postulates of religion. No, this is something that stands above all religions and unites them, this law of the universe, the law of God or the law of the universe. And you did not call it, the meaning is not lost, because it is there, it exists, and it works by combining all accidents occurring in one great regularity! And calls this law is simple -  faith. Who knows, he will understand.

I thank all those who actively participates in the work of our site, and appeal to all our visitors with a request to send to our address, or simply leave their opinions and comments on the blog, describe your thoughts and write stories or simply to voice their views on things and on Taekwondo.
We will be happy to accommodate most interesting essays and materials on the pages of our sites.
Stay healthy in body and spirit!
And remember - if the sick your body, so it's time to heal your soul!

Vyacheslav Semenkov
LTF President,
Master, 8th dan.